What are the benefits of membership?

Some of the benefits are discount pricing on nucleus hives, (nucs), queens, sugar and other products we buy in bulk, (t-shirts, hats, wooden ware, etc..). For example, this year we sold our nucs for $125/hive, when the local cost was around $175/hive. The savings on one nuc purchase paid for the membership.

Do you ship discount items?

No. We typically will make items available at the bee club meetings or at a location within the Portland Metro area, (Colton for nucs, Eagle Creek for sugar, etc…).

How much does a membership cost?

Our membership is $24 per year, renewing in January and expiring at the end of December. One membership covers all members of that household.

How do I pay for a membership?

Click on the Register button below and you will be directed to our registration page. Once you have entered your information and submitted it you will be directed to our PayPal site where you can pay via credit card or PayPal. Or you can cancel at the PayPal site and mail your check to PO Box 158, Gladstone, OR 97027. (Please do not send cash).